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We need to undertake an assessment to make sure we have all the information that we need to be able to provide care safely. The assessment is an opportunity to make sure we have fully understood exactly what care you require and any preferences you have and to ask any questions.

You can make any changes that you require at any time. If you have care calls that are on the carers rotas then it may be that we can't make alterations until the following rota but we will put all changes into effect as soon as possible.

Yes, you can have whoever you wish present during the care assessment.

We send invoices every two weeks and these are sent out one week in arrears. This is so we have had time to process all carers timesheets and ensure we are invoicing you correctly.

Many clients choose to pay by cheque but you can also pay directly to our bank account using your internet or phone banking. Our bank details are on the invoice.

You will need to make contact with your local social services department and they will arrange for a social worker to visit who will be able to tell you if you are eligible for local authority funding. Visit our Paying for Care page for more information.

We ask you to give four weeks notice to us in writing if you would like to cancel care.

We try to ensure that you get to know more than one carer well so that you are not unduly affected by carers having holidays or when they are unable to work due to sickness. If you have care visits several times a day then you will find that you have more carers coming to you as not all our daytime carers work in the evenings and vice versa. However we will always ensure that you have a caring team of people who understand your needs and a dedicated office team who liaise with you, your family and other health care professionals to ensure that you are receiving all the support that you need.

We understand that sometimes people get on with some people better than others so please let us know if you don't get on with the carer who has visited you. From experience we know that it can sometimes take a little while for people to get used to each other and for clients to adapt to another carers way of working but usually after a couple of visits these issues have resolved and a very positive relationship develops.

Contact the office or let your carer know so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Let the office or your carer know so that we can amend your medication records and liaise with your GP and pharmacy if required.

We can arrange for a care package to be put in place very quickly, often for the next day as long as we have carers available at your chosen times. We can come to the hospital to undertake the client centred part of our assessment process and liaise with the hospital social workers to arrange discharge.

We like to ensure that you have more than one carer who comes to see you regularly so that you won't find that you are overly affected by carers holidays or sickness. 

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